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Yamato Catering was created to produce authentic Japanese food, using only Japanese and Oriental ingredients to give that authentic taste. We have the advantage of already supplying the UK market with these products, imported directly from Japan, for over 25 years. This ensures that we have control over the quality of ingredients used in our food production. By using traditional cooking and preparation methods from highly trained chefs we are able to maintain not only the both authenticity and quality. The beginning of our challenge was introducing Japanese cuisine and real taste to our wholesale customers. Our foods became very popular and we now have a high demand from  5 stars hotels, well known catering companies, air flight caterers and local food shops. Since then, we have aimed to make Japanese food as one of the ethnic national foods in the UK, akin to Italian, Indian or Chinese food at the present time. We are looking ahead to the future where everyone can enjoy real Japanese taste, anywhere in the UK with a reasonable price and a great healthy option.


Opened a kitchen in London


Started supplying to Compass and 5 stars hotels


Known as the most authentic Japanese sushi catering company in London


Minoru Kawamoto

Managing Director

“Yamato Catering Ltd promises that delivering the finest foods to you who demands the authentic Japanese cuisine. Creating new dishes and flavor combinations that bring cooks and our clients pleasure is our job and we love it.”

Audited by

In June 2017, Yamato Catering Ltd is audited by NSF and got the Gold Grade.